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Summer 2017
   The deepest darkness in southern Utah and northern Arizona nights have some sunlight leaking over the northern horizon in the summer.  I will be back.

Colorado River Canyon

Trilobite Fossil at Notch Peak.

January 2016 

    More than starlight, the edge of day or night or moonlight or fire light where there is a mix of color and monochrome vision.

September 27, 2015
    A total eclipse, thin cloulds and starlight made a photograph of the landscape with the moon possible in one exposure.

The resulting photograph is "Blood Moon Eclipse, Black Canyon of the Gunnison."

August and October 2015
    Time well spent in New Mexico's darkest area, the Gila.

August 12, 2015
Cruces Basin Wilderness, NM
     Few people have even heard of the Cruces Basin Wilderness area just south of the Colorado border. It has no trails, no craggy peaks and great trout streams.
We were there on a high, dark  ridge for the Perseid Meteor Shower. 

The astro lounge at Camp Perseus.

Summer Solstice, 2015
    The sky was clear and dark in a remote clearing in the La Garita Mountains, far from towns at over 10,000 feet elevation. The park is surrounded by high altitude forest and just shy of tree line. Bristle-Cone  Pines are among the earth's oldest known living organisms. They can reach 5,000 years in age. I sat  leaning on a Bristlecone that evening and realized that the tree could live 2,000,000 days and nights.  Above us was the Andromeda Galaxy. Its light started toward earth 2,500,000 years ago; when our  ancestors were not even human. Awareness of the cosmos, of emmense time and space is part of what  we lose with light-polluted skies.

A down jacket was needed at Summer Solstice

December 2014
Big Bend

    My sons Russell and Perry joined me on a trip to Big Bend National Park. Big Bend has the darkest night skies in the contiguous USA. On the sandy bank of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo with Mexico only feet away, we made photographs in the night. Folio photos Santa Elana Canyon and Sirius Rising were made there. 

Beside the Rio Grande, at the mouth of Santa Elena Canyon.


October 2014
Wyoming, Yellowstone, Montana and Idaho.

    The Beartooth highway closed behind us as we moved north.
East Glacier closed before we arrived. 

Winter comes early in the high country. 

    My spouse has an interest in moose, the biggest and ugliest of deer.

We spent some days scanning willowy brush for moose without success.

 Moose Meadow Meanders.

We finally found them.

 They can be surreal and dangerous.

September 2014
Hovenweep National Monument

    We picnicked and waited for dark near some of the curious little castles. I prepared for night photography but it clouded over. On the walk back, a Great Basin Rattlesnake blocked the trail. Its yellow and brown colors seemed to match exactly the signage and uniforms colors of the Park Service. 

April 11, 2014
    In 1977 a group of Santa Fe artists organized an art show in Santa Fe’s National Guard Armory. I was invited. Almost thirty-seven years later, Santa Fe’s Center for Contemporary Arts exhibited The Armory Show Revisited with current works of original artists as well as younger Santa Fe artists.  The  opening was quite a party. I saw artists that I haven’t seen for decades and thought about some never to  be seen again. I exhibited Black Canyon from the folio, printed 87x58” on stretched canvas. 

March and April 2014

A long photographic trip through the Pacific Northwest.
    I had not been there since teaching at Whitman College.
We stayed in theCascade rain forests, an island in the Columbia River,  the Columbia Gorge and the dry lands in the Cascade rain shadow.

A Herring Gull at Hecata Head

A Marmot at Palouse Falls.

Latourell Falls in the Cascade rainforest.

January 2014
The Grand Canyon
    The first six days of 2014 were spent in the Grand Canyon with my two sons, Russell and Perry. 

 We pause at the Coconino Sandstone layer. The Coconino is the top white layer in the distant cliffs. 

 We spent one day each going down the South Kaibab Trail and walking back on the Bright Angel  Trail. Between, we camped and explored the inner canyon.

 I added 3 images to the Moonless folio.

Sunrise, looking back on Bright Angel Trail, one thousand feet above the river, four thousand feet to go. 


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