Lynn Lown

Very far from towns and cities on clear, moonless nights, you can see what we have lost.

These are pictures of  the real night sky, 
an experience that all humans have had forever

- since before we were human - until the last century.

Most people today have never seen the Milky Way.

Our increasing knowledge of science and technology took us to the moon

but also pollutes the sky with waste light hiding the stars.

After half an hour of darkness, the human eye is adapted for maximum sensitivity.

This is the realm of the rods in our eyes called scotopic vision.

It is different from day vision. Although the landscape is colorless, bright stars and planets sparkle with color.

I replicate this in photographs while avoiding the false color and star trails that camera vision can create.

This folio of prints is about human experience. 

It is a world of silhouettes.

Details are gone, in their place are masses of black and grey,

simple forms and tiny specks of color in the sparkling sky.

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